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COVID Protocol

All players, referees, and spectators who feel sick or are experiencing signs or symptoms of COVID-19 or that have come in contact with infected persons should stay home.

Fully Vaccinated Players, Referees, and Spectators

Anyone who has been fully vaccinated (two weeks after second dose of Pfizer or Moderna, or single dose of J&J) is welcome to opt-out of wearing a mask on the fields. You will be required to check-in at the registration table each week before your first game. You are only able to go maskless if you show your CDC vaccination card at the check-in table. A board member will mark you in our register, you only have to show your vaccination card once and you are set for the season, but you need to check-in every week.

Non-Vaccinated Players, Referees, and Spectators

If you have not been fully vaccinated or you prefer not to share your vaccination status you are required to wear a mask at all times, complete a COVID screener before games each week, and follow the protocols listed below.

  • All players, referees, and volunteers must complete the screening process before being allowed onto the fields at North Country Club Field located at 160 Monroe St, Warwick, RI 02888.

  • We will use the COVID Summer Screener 

    • Check in volunteer will note that the Screener has been submitted within 24 hours of arriving at the field

    • Check in volunteer will complete contract tracing information by reviewing accuracy if person is cleared to enter, noting time of check in, and initialing in columns next to completed form row on spreadsheet 

    • If cleared (all “no responses” to the screener questions pulled from RIDOH screening tool), individual will receive the day’s designated color wristband to wear

  • Everyone will be required to check in at the screening table to sign in and provide contact information for tracing purposes.

  • Once cleared to participate, a specific colored wrist band will be given to wear that day at the fields. The wristbands will help the referees and Board members  keep track of who has been screened.

  • If a wristband breaks or is lost, the person must go through the screening process again to receive a new wristband.

  • No one will be allowed to participate that does not agree to the screening process.

  • Anyone on the fields not wearing the designated colored wristband for that day will be asked to go through the screening process. If they refuse they will be asked to leave the fields.

  • Both spectators and players will be screened and provided wristbands.

Field Setup

  • Two game fields will be set up to allow for adequate spacing between concurrent games.

  • Sidelines will have a 3 foot area for referees to have plenty of room to run up and down the sidelines. Players may not cross this referee-only zone unless they are entering and exiting the field.

  • Unvaccinated Players and spectators will be encouraged to maintain social distancing of 3 feet while on the sidelines.

  • Hand sanitizing stations will be placed on each field. All players, referees, and spectators are encouraged to apply hand sanitizer as soon as they arrive at the fields. Players are encouraged to apply hand sanitizer when coming off the field of play and once again when returning back onto the field.

Disciplinary Actions

  • Players not following the protocols will be given one warning. Referees and non-playing Board members are authorized to give warnings and suspensions.

  • After receiving their 1st warning, if the player is still not following the protocols, the player will be asked to leave the fields for the day.

  • The Board reserves the right to disqualify players not following the protocols for the day or entire season without a refund.

Spectators / Non-Playing Attendees

  • Spectators are the responsibility of the player they are present to observe and so, players must be mindful to remind their spectator to abide by these protocols. Spectators must be a guest of a player.

  • All spectating or non-player attendees must go through the screening process before being allowed into the designated area. If they show their vaccination card they will be allowed to opt-out of wearing a mask.

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