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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Providence Gay Flag Football League?

Providence Gay Flag Football League, a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization, serving the Rhode Island LGBTQIA+ community. Founded in 2018, the organization's goal is to create a safe and inclusive environment where people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, can participate in a competitive and friendly team sport, develop a social support system, and build lifelong friendships. In addition to football, the league has partnered with other area non-profit organizations to donate time and resources to improve the lives of LGBTQIA+ people in Rhode Island.

Football!? No way! Won’t I get hurt?

The PVDGFFL is a flag football league with no tackling whatsoever. Every player wears a belt with 3 flags; to ‘tackle’ another player one simply pulls on a flag to remove the belt. While there is definitely contact inherent to this format of play, since there is no tackling injuries are normally rare and minor.


I’ve never played football before. What if I’m really bad?

We are open to players at all levels of ability—and we mean ALL LEVELS. Never played competitive football before? No problem! Most members of the league begin with little or no competitive football experience. Also, the system that we use to put together teams ensures that less experienced players are always placed on a team with more experienced players.

Do I need to specify which positions I can play to be added to a team?

The simple answer is no. We will ask which positions you have experience playing (if any), and which positions you may be interested in trying out. Our captains will rotate players into positions they want to try or are comfortable playing. The position you play in each game may change, but it will always be a collaboration with your captain based on your preference and the needs of the team.


Will I have to buy any expensive equipment?

No. Jerseys and flags are provided for all players. You’ll need to invest in a good pair of cleats (no metal spikes) and you will be set. It is recommended you purchase football gloves, but they are not required. Only requirements for shorts/pants is that they don't have pockets or belt loops. Most teams will elect to purchase matching socks based on their jersey color and name.

Do I sign up individually or do I need to form a team?

You will register as an individual. Each season the board selects captains which in turn will select team members though an NFL style draft system. Each season we will hold a kickoff party where you will meet your captain and fellow teammates.


Where and when will games be played?

Games are played Saturday's in Warwick, RI. Teams will play two 1-hour games each week. You may play two consecutive games, or have a break between each game. Game slots start around 8:30 am and end around 1:30 pm. For directions to the fields visit the Schedule & Fields page of our website.

Am I guaranteed a spot on a team if I sign up, or do I have to try out?

If you register for the league and submit payment on time, you are guaranteed a spot on a team. However, if it is your first time playing flag football, you are required to attend the New Player Orientation.

I am joining the league with my significant other/best friend. Can we be on the same team?

The draft system is designed to create parity between teams. Because of this it is not possible to ensure players who wish to play together a spot on the same team. But join anyway! Our league is about meeting new people and stepping outside of your personal boundaries. Your friend/significant other can come to your games to support you and meet you at a social event afterward. You might even face them head-to-head in a game.

How can I become a team captain?

The board will accept applications for league captains prior to registration. The board will select captains using the criteria outlined in the application.

What about practices?

Most team captains limit practices to game day an hour or two before the game starts; however, a handful of captains may ask you to attend an occasional practice on a non-game day. These practices are not mandatory and inability to attend will not affect your playing time or standing in the league.


I frequently work or travel on weekends. Is it worth it to join?

Many players may miss 1 or 2 games per season and still have a rewarding experience. However, if it is likely that you will miss 3 or more weekends during the season because of work or travel, this may not be the right league for you.


Will I make new friends?

Yes! Aside from the rewarding experience that you are sure to have on the field with your own team, there will be weekly social events that will allow you the opportunity to get to know other league members in fun, social settings. We will also plan other fun activities to ensure that your football experience is much more than action on the field!


How can I receive regular league updates?

We provide regular updates through our Facebook group page, and email. You can sign up for our email list on the homepage of our website.


I have another question. Who can I contact?

Please contact the league at for any other questions. You may also post questions and comments to our Facebook group page.

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