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Mission Statement

As a member organization of the National Gay Flag Football League (NGFFL), in concert with their mission, the Providence Gay Flag Football League (PVDGFFL) is established as a non-profit, charitable organization promoting competitive recreational football which is gender-inclusive. Our league has been created with the LGBTQIA+ community in mind, but we welcome all players regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. All skill levels are encouraged to participate, play, and volunteer. We are committed to delivering a welcoming and inclusive environment with all league activities including football, and giving back to the community through educational, outreach, volunteer and community service activities. Through flag football, we foster an environment where LGBTQIA+ people can:


  • Learn about and participate in a competitive and friendly team sport environment

  • Be both competitive and social in a safe and inclusive on and off the field environment

  • Build friendships and develop a social support system, amongst LGBTQIA+ and allied teammates

  • Share our values with all

  • Create opportunities for healthy exercise for our participants

  • Volunteer in various capacities at different community service events

  • Promote education and awareness of sexual health topics, including HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment


Our league’s vision is to create a safe and inclusive environment where people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, can participate in a competitive and friendly team sport, develop a social support system, and build lifelong friendships. In addition to football, our league will engage other area non-profit organizations to donate time and resources to improve the lives of LGTBQIA+ people in Rhode Island.

Supporting Agenda for Vision

Promote the game of competitive flag football throughout LGBTQIA+ communities in the state of Rhode Island and surrounding areas. PVDGFFL embraces the notion of community by building a spirit of teamwork, camaraderie, and volunteerism to enrich the lives of all individuals involved in our league.

Our organization will:

  • Expand participation through outreach and marketing in Rhode Island and surrounding areas

  • Pursue new heights in the sport and in LGBTQIA+ sports broadly, on the field and off

  • Strike balance between competitiveness and camaraderie

  • Offer an inclusive, safe, welcoming environment for all people regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity

Non-Discrimination Policy

It is a fundamental principle of the Providence Gay Flag Football League that all social and athletic activities are to be inclusive in nature and that no individual shall be excluded from participating based on sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, race, religion or creed, nationality, ethnic origin, political beliefs, athletic ability, physical challenge, HIV status, veteran status, genetic information, age, or citizenship status. The Providence Gay Flag Football League promotes gender inclusion by allowing players to self-identify gender.

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